Discover Biella,
the tourist guide of Biella.

Discover Biella,
the tourist guide of Biella.

Guided tours at Oropa Sanctuary

The monumental complex of Oropa Sanctuary offers a unique heritage to discover. Accompanied by a local guide, you can discover the history, art and architecture to its holiest heart: the shrine of the Black Madonna

The Oropa Sanctuary, located at 1,200 m altitude, is the most important Marian Sanctuary of the Alps, surrounded by a breathtaking natural landscape. According to tradition, the origin of the Oropa Sanctuary dates back to the 4th century a.D., when it was erected by St. Eusebio, the first Archbishop of Vercelli. The oldest documents, dating back to 1200, mention the shrine where the Holy Virgin was worshipped. The current basilica (beginning of 1600) was erected around this small chapel, as was the rest of the impressive building complex, including the  Upper Basilica that was consecrated in 1960.
In the Museum of Treasures and in the Royal Apartment of the Savoy Family, it’s possible to admire the jewels of the coronation,  the liturgical vestments and the documents that have enriched the history of the Sanctuary over the centuries.

Guided tour: Ancient Basilica, XVII century Cloister, first and main square, Royal Door, Ex voto Gallery, Museum of Treasures and Royal Apartment of Savoy.
Duration of the visit: ca. 1h30’  / 2h

Cost: 5 Euros per person

Informazioni: Tel. + 39 015 25551200

From 24 June to 2 September at h. 11 and h. 15. Meeting point in front of the gates of the Sanctuary

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